Charcuterie boards, boxes, and grazing tables are beautifully prepared with a variety of:

Artisanal cheese

Syrah toscano, Spanish Manchego, triple creme brie, creamy chevre, gruyere, gouda, gorgonzola, and more.


Prosciutto, capicola, chorizo, and a variety of salami, including classic Italian, calabrese, sopressata, and more. 

Fresh bites

Seasonal fruit and veggies, including grapes, berries, stone fruit, peppers, cucumbers, and more. Local produce used when in season.

Sweet & salty

Local jam, honey, and spreads, crackers, rustic bread, nuts, dried fruit, and a sweet treat to complement the board or box.

Boards & Tables

Whether you're treating yourself to a cozy night in or hosting a large gathering, Say Cheese is sure to impress.

Planning an event for a large crowd? Ask about a custom grazing table!

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Boxes & Cups

Charcuterie boxes are great for grazing on the go, bringing to an event, picnics, or even traveling.  


Surprise everyone with a charcuterie cup packed full of the same quality items you're used to, but in an adorable handheld single serving.


Charcuterie Workshops

Ready to master the art of preparing an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board?

Learn tips and tricks to create a beautiful and delicious board complete with all the ingredients, garnishes, and tools needed, plus grocery shopping tips, portion suggestions, wine pairings, and of course - learn to make the perfect salami rose!

Public & Private Workshops Available! 



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